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The history of our group and a list of all FAB flora bulletin

THE HISTORY OF FAB  (FLORA ALPINA BERGAMASCA) was established on October 1987. It is a non profit organization acknowledged by law, putting together scholars, experienced persons and people deeply interested in wild flora of Bergamo Province.
The aims are:
- To back knowledge, study and safeguard of Bergamo Province flora and flora environment
- To gather, classify and popularize data and information about flora species spresding in Bergamo Province
- To rise respect about environment, give due value to the outstanding richness of Bergamo Province flora and biodiversity
Six monthly we publish the “FAB flora bulletin”. It reads botanical news, naturalist news and FAB doings. The doings are:
- In order to carry out the “Vascular Plant Spreading Atlas” FAB members provide voluntary service gathering data and information about flora species
- In a joint effort with Bergamo Province Local Authorities the volumes: “Wild orchids of Bergamo Province”, “Wild flora of Bergamo Province” and “Bergamo Province nature” have been published
- To reach our goals we regularly cooperate with various universities, naturalist associations and local Authorities.
(Downloadable at page "Pubblicazioni" of this website)

N° 1 April 1992
- Three years of research in Bergamo Province
- The Epipactis genus
N° 2 November 1992
- The Minuartia genus on Bergamo Province mountains
- Notes about Roncobello flora
N° 3 April 1993
- Moheringia concarene, a new species in Orobic Alps
- Spreading of Androsace genus on Bergamo Province mountains (1°) 
N° 4 November 1993
- Flora cartography of central Europe pertaining Bergamo Province
- Latest news about research
- Spreading of Androsace genus on Bergamo Province mountains (2°) 
 N° 5 April 1994
- Primula albenensis, a new entity in the sub genus Auriculastrum
- Pteris cretica, a very uncommon species
N° 6 November 1994
- Flora survey on our territory
- Double-flowering of a few Draba species 
N° 7 April 1995
- Saxifraga genus in Bergamo Province
- A precious site, of biological value at Valtorta
- Botanical rarities in Orobie land 
N° 8 November 1995
- Flora cartography in Bergamo Province
- Introducing the hiking region of Insubria
- Daphne alpina in Bergamo Province 
 N° 9 April 1996
- Latest news about Nigritella genus
- Flora survey on Bagnatica hills
N° 10 November 1996
- Detecting several Primula albenensis stations on Araralta Mountain 
 N° 11/12 April-November 1997
- Flora cartography
- Orobie endemic flora
- Primula albenensis in Stabina valley
- Linaria tonzigii spreading on our territory
- Androsace genus spreading on Bergamo Province mountain
- Saxigraga genus in Bergamo Province
- Daphne alpina in Bergamo Province
- Pteris cretica, a very uncommon species
- A precious site, of biological value at Valtorta
- Cirsiun carniolicum on Orobie Pre Alps 
 N° 13 April 1998
- Detecting Adenophora liliifolia in Bergamo Province again
- Gentiana genus in Bergamo Province
 N° 14 November 1998
- Systematic flora list of Nembro territory (2° updating)
- Saxifraga bulbifera and Saxifraga tridactylites in Bergamo Province
- Stations of Saxifraga presolanensis on Lombard “verrucano” stone
 N° 15 April 1999
- Gentiana pneumonanthe new finding on Colle di Ranica (Bergamo Province)
- Asplenium presolanense, a new endemic fern on Orobie Alps
- Diphasium tristachium, a plant from the past
- Cyrtonium fortunei becomes naturalized at Bondo Petello
  N° 16 November 1999
- Systematic flora list of Nembro territory (3° updating)
- Detecting new stations of Alisma lanceolatum in Bergamo Province
- New orchids in Bergamo Province
N° 17 April 2000
- Flora finds in Bergamo Province (2° input)
- Saxifraga genus of Orobie land
 N° 18 November 2000
- Synonymic alphabetical list of wild orchids in Bergamo Province
- Flora finds in Bergamo Province (3° input)
- Spreading and ecology of Listera cordata in eastern High Brembana Valley
- Widening the ground of Primula albenensis
 N° 19 April 2001
- Caronella Pass: a rock garden in the Orobie Alps
 N° 20 November 2001
- Equisetum genus in Bergamo Province
- Flora notes about Albenza Mountain (Bergamo Province)
N° 21 April 2002
- Hiking from Alino to the “casere” –cowshed- of Sornadello (Bergamo Province)
- “Vascular Plant Spreading Atlas” project result
  N° 22 November 2002
- Sanguigno Valley (Bergamo Province): a valley to know and to watch over
- Census outcome of monumental trees in Bergamo Province
- News about a detailed research in Bergamo Province
- Flora finds in Bergamo Province (4° input)
 N° 23 April 2003
- Flora finds in Bergamo Province (5° input)
- Is mistletoe coming to a end in Bergamo Province?
- Report about research progress
N° 24 November 2003
- Naturalist circle of Cala Mountain
- Flora hiking to “Corno di Predore” (Brescia Province)
- Flora finds in Bergamo Province (6° input)
- Updating “Vascular Plant Spreading Atlas” research
 N° 25 April 2004
- On Borlezza Valley mountains: from Falecchio to San Fermo (Bergamo Province)
- Flora finds in Bergamo Province (7° input)
- Updating “Vascular Plant Spreading Atlas” research
 N° 26 November 2004
- Botanical notes about Saxifraga muscoides and curiosity about medicinal properties of Saxifraga genus
- Flora finds in Bergamo Province (8° input)
- Latest new finds of Pteridophyte on Orobie mountains
 N° 27 April 2005
- Lombardy seed bank (LSB)
- Updating “Vascular Plant Spreading Atlas” research
- Rodegher herbarium
- Flora finds in Bergamo Province (9° input)
- Specification on "Saxifraga muscoides All."
N° 28 November 2005
- The FAB to the Orobic mountain refuges
- The FAB in Valle d'Aosta
- Flora hiking (multiple trips)
- Hiking to Sarnico-La Forcella-and Colle-Molere-Sarnico
- Geneve, to looking for Paul Chenevard’s herbarium
- Meeting of “Floristi del nordest” in February 2005 – second imput
- Specification on Saxifraga tridactylites
- Looking for herbs in Val Trompia at the end of 1800
  N° 29 April 2006
- The FAB internet web site
- Trekking in Valle d'Aosta
- The “Sentiero Curò” in the Orobic Alps
- What happen to the botanical research
- Two new species in Bergamo Province
- Flora find in Bergamo Province (10° input)
- Meeting of “Floristi del nordest” in March 2006
- Philological curiosity
- G. C. Beltrami and his "Nova Flora Mexicana"
N° 30 November 2006
- Our grup in the Maritime Alps
- Alpine trail from San Marco Mountain refuge
- Report about the final stages of research
- Flora find in Bergamo Province (11° input)
- “Flora Happenning 3”, meeting at Bassano del Grappa
 N° 31 April 2007
- Internet: the best of the web
- From the Presolana pass to Malga del Cornetto
- Looking for new flowers
- Alps of Brescia province
- Two new plants of Hieracium genus for Bergamo and Brescia
- Philological and botanical curiosity
- Isatis tinctoria, Rubia tinctorum, Reseda luteola
 N° 32 November 2007
- Internet surfing
- Trekking in Val Malenco
- Flowers of Filaressa mountain (Bg)
- A garden in the Orobic Alps
- The botanical research (groups FAB and ABB)
- Carlo Linneo, after 300 years 
- From "Giardino dei semplici" to the "botanical garden"
- How photograph to the reflex digital camera
 N° 33 April 2008
- Internet: increase our knowledge
- Alpine flowers
- Botanical research: the our view
- Herbarium of Ottone Penzig and flowers of Valle Camonica by Nino Arietti
- The biggest flower and the biggest seed of the world
- Our library
  N° 34 November 2008
- OROBIEVIVE the new group for the mountain protection
- From the research to the man integration in the territory
- Trekking in the Ligurian alps
- From San Pellegrino Terme along the Valcava country
- Why some plants change its name?
- The herbs of love
- Botanical research: 14th meeting of "Floristi del Nordest"
- Luigi Fenaroli in Angola
- The officinal plants of the Bergamo Botanical garden (Giacomo Facheris - 1817)
 N° 35 April 2009
- OROBIEVIVE: the current situation of the group
- Trekking in Val Conchetta (Bergamo province)
- Walking towards the Pizzo del Vescovo (Orobic Alps)
- Don Pietro Porta and the botanic research
- Philologic and historic-botanic cards
- Mosses
- Herbs and magic
 N° 36 November 2009
- OROBIEVIVE: the current situation of the group
- Trekking in the Dolomites (Val di Fassa)
- Walking towards the Monte Santa Margherita (Bergamo province)
- Trekking in the Gargano National park to looking for the orchid flowers
- Flowers around the Monte Ferrante (Orobic Alps)
- Historical research: T. Reichstein and his floral map of the Arera mountain

 N° 37 April 2010
- Phitotherapy and astrology: history and curiosity
- The A.B.B. story
- "Occhio dell'Ogna" - natural area (Bergamo province)
- Botanical research - the atlas of plants of Bergamo and Brescia 
- Ercogamy and dicogamy
- The Madonie Regional park (Sicily)

 N° 38 November 2010
- Cres and Losinj isles
- OROBIEVIVE: the current situation of the group
- Adda river and San Gervasio peninsula
- Research at Bergamo et Brescia province 
- Exotic flowers in Italy
- Orchid flowers
- Paul Gunther Lorentz and Adamello mountain

 N° 39 April 2011
- Remember Gino Fantini and Cesare Bonfanti
- OROBIEVIVE: the current situation of the group
- New plants in Bergamo and Brescia province
- Bi.O.S. Project
- The Etna Regional Park
- John Ball from Ponte di Legno and Pinzolo on 1864
- Roman orchids
- Darwin? Yes, but...
- Popular Flora of Giuseppe Mora (1850)

 N° 40 November 2011
- The Vienna university along the "Sentiero dei fiori"
- The Mont Avic natural park (Aosta province)
- The Misma mountain near Bergamo
- The Lessinia area and the Carrega mountain (Verona province)
- The Pagani cavern near Presolana mountain
- To looking for the lost fluvial areas
- The epiphyte orchids
- Filippo Parlatore on the Valtrompia mountains 

 N° 41 April 2012
- The "Amici del verde" group
- The "Ortus Orchis" group
- Why in Val Sanguigno?
- Monte Cereto little trip
- The geological path of "Bletterbach"
- Flora of Filippo Morandini
- Alberto de Bracht, botanist
N° 42 November 2012
- Testimonials - Don Roberto Cavalli
- Thoughts naturals - Farewell of a licopodium
- Excursions - Monti Sibillini National Park
- Nature trail - Discovering Cortusa Matthioli
- News from the group OROBIEVIVE
- Trachycarpus fortunei, succesfull of an exotic plant
- Gleanings of Domenico Agostino Vandelli
N° 43 April 2013
- To looking for the Androsace brevis on Ponteranica mt.
- Natural path of Lucomagno area (Switzerland)
- BiOS project
- Research: Hemerocallis lilio-asphodelus
- Research: Use of the territory, the quadrant 02244
- Mr. Freshfield on Bergamo mountains
N° 44 November 2013
- Trekking in the Triglav National Park
- From Rusio to the San Peder little church
- To the glacier garden of Poschiavo valley (Switzerland)
- Gustav Siber-Gysi: swiss and bergamasco naturalist
- The Suardi park in Bergamo city
N° 45 April 2014
- "Scaletta Darwin" - Bergamo
- To looking for Cypripedium calceolus
- Natural country near Pumenengo (Bergamo)
- Mountain flowers in the history
- Julius von Payer
- Caprotti park in Bergamo city
N° 46 November 2014
- The synergistic garden
- The botanical garden of Carona
- The moon 
- Trekking in the Stura valley 
- On Bondone mountain (Trento province)
- La valle del Monte (Bg)
- "Flora della Val Sanguigno"
- The first ascent to the Presanella mountain
- Remembering Luigi Fenaroli
N° 47 April 2015
- Natural things: 350 million years before
- Natural trekking at the Altipiano di Asiago
- From Erve to Magnodeno
- Orobievive news
- Helvetia felix
- Karl von Firmian
- Remenber Rivola, Veneziani and Frosi
N° 48 November 2015
- Reading the "Laudato si" enciclica
- A lot of Fritillarie flowers
- "Flora urbica" the last news of research
- Arno lake in the Saviore valley
- Trento Dolomites
- Rabbi valley
- Letters from Facheris to Nocca

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